World's first barter network for innovative IT startups.

Exchange your great product with another companys' product.

Swap your product tool service knowledge passion work and benefit from what you get back.


Bringing IT startups together.

With Limited ressources and a lack of efficient processes.

Network Features

Easy bartering

Benefit from swapping your IT services, tools and user accounts. No hidden costs.

Flexible bargaining

Finding a price with your barter partner is easy: Just adapt time periods or user rights.

B2B Sales Channel

Get a broad range of new business contacts and potential customers.

Early adopters

Having users testing your services is priceless for your company.


No matter what you are doing. SaaS, PaaS or whatever. As long as you're a B2B service, you will gain added value for other companies.

Awesome tools

Having powerful tools increases the growth and speed of your company.


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We do the work. You only pay in case of successful matching.
Transaction fee is 9% on every match.

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Browse our directory for potential partners and contact as many as you want.
Membership fee is €199 p.a.

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About Needmatch

Needmatch is a lean attempt to connect digital startups to improve their performance respectively. We believe in modern and international connectivity between young companies. Every company produces an awesome application, service or tool, but can't afford other services. Small businesses can therefore conserve precious cashflow by making purchases with their products rather than their profits, thus freeing up cash and bringing in new sources of business through the drawing power of the swapping.
Our platform also facilitates social meetups between entrepreneurs and help them to put great teams together.

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